Pub/Sub can seem like a simple topic, but there is actually a fair amount of subtlety to consider. It’s possible to overlook details that might make your experience more streamlined, less expensive, and less frustrating. To that end, the Developer Relations team for the Google Cloud Pub/Sub client libraries are starting a blog series with some information and tips you might find useful.

And without further ado…!

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What is Google Cloud Pub/Sub?

To understand the service in its most basic terms, familiarize yourself with four key components: topics, subscriptions, publisher clients, and subscriber clients.

  • Pub/Sub clients publish messages to topics.
  • Pub/Sub clients receive messages from subscriptions. You can create multiple subscriptions for the same topic, in which case each subscription gets a copy of all of the messages in the topic. Some beginners assume that one would pull messages from a topic, which isn’t possible — topics are for publishing only. The subscription is where you will receive all messages. …

Hi everyone, I’d like to give a short introduction as I join Medium, writing mostly in relation to Google Cloud Platform.

I started at Google, in Developer Relations, in October 2019, with a focus on the Pub/Sub client libraries under Node.js. My focus has expanded over time to include the general Node.js ecosystem within GCP Developer Relations, as well as our GitHub automation tooling.

In a more general sense, I’ve been in the industry for quite a while, working across many different languages and libraries, such as C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, and even a few variants of assembly language. I’m especially interested in game development, but that’s a very occasional hobby. My time with Node.js …


Megan Potter

Developer Relations Engineer at Google, for Google Cloud Platform, in Waterloo, ON

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